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What Is 360º Leadership Feedback All About?
Our 360° Leadership Feedback helps answer two important questions facing every company today.

  1. What is the leadership level of your team or organization?
  2. What do people really need from you as a leader?
Most team or organization leaders wonder how effective they perform. To exceed annual goals top level executives need to know the strengths and weaknesses of their supporting management staff. The strong leaders don't just wonder about it, they take the steps to learn exactly how well each member rates.

We eliminate the guesswork with our 360º leadership feedback assessment. We learn perceptions of your leadership behaviors and style. The effectiveness of leadership is best assessed by those having frequent contact and possibly suffering from a leadership weakness.

These people know what they need from you to make them successful in their jobs. So they are in the best position to assess your follow through and leadership skills. Once we learn their perception of your leadership behaviors making changes not only becomes easier they actually have an impact because they come from those people that are your direct reports.

Our 360º leadership feedback assessment tool is a series of questions used to gather data on the current leadership of your specific team, group or organization. This 360° feedback collects and then summarizes data on your leadership behaviors from input of multiple sources - your direct reports, your peers, your supervisor, and even yourself. 360º leadership feedback uncovers both positive and negative areas of your leadership. This is not a negative finger pointing exercise. It is a positive process that gives you a powerful analysis into opportunities to change and improve your leadership style.

Our assessments consist of questioning modules specific to the position being evaluated. Initial assessments typically contain 2 - 3 question modules. Our current library contains over 550 different questions in over 50 questioning modules that are used to uncover the existing leadership and the opportunities where we can build.

Once opportunities are discovered, we determine direction options, action plans and implementation steps. This follow through is the most valuable step and it must be carried out. If not the organization will be labeled once again as "they just don't listen". This setback reinforces negative behavior and creates "workers" instead of team members. Workers quickly feel unimportant as creativity and productivity remains stagnate or worst decreases.

So just doing an assessment is not enough. If you are not going to implement changes based on feedback, you are better off not doing the assessment, which can give the employees false hope that things could improve.

We design each 360º Feedback Assessment specifically for your organization needs. Contact us for additional information.

What type of leader do we create?

Our leaders are someone who has a vision of what their team can do and where they can go. They do not look for excuses as to why they can not do things. Instead they look for innovative ways to change the status quo and enable their team to exceed expectations. They are not afraid to take risks and view mistakes as a learning process.

Our leaders communicate to all of their team members and know how to "paint the picture" of the vision so all levels understand. They also challenge the current process, at times experiment and are always looking for opportunities where improvements can be made

Our leaders are not someone that has to do the work himself or herself, but they help to enable others to work collaboratively and empower the group to make decisions. They are clear on their beliefs and business values and strive to keep projects moving and on time. This is done through effective feedback and spoken appreciation for tasks well done.

The goal of our leaders is to create people that desire to constantly outperform expectations, creatively solve problems, look for ways to improve the entire group, help other to improve themselves and will become the great leaders of tomorrow. We build leaders that others wish they could work for.
You can continue to do what you've always done as your competition gets smarter. Or you can discover where change is needed and build stronger leadership in your company or organization. The choice is yours. Take the first step - contact us.

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