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Employee/Call Center Screening - an on-line hiring tool
Companies spend thousands of dollars for every new call center employee they add to their staff. Many of these call centers have a turnover rate as high as 50% - 200%. This drives the cost of services/products higher while trying to gain market share in a competitive economy. Hiring the right call center employee is critical in controlling costs and presenting a positive company image. Our Call Center Screening (CCS) tool helps you choose the right candidate while reducing the interviewing process.

Our CCS focuses on two main areas of screening, knowledge and physical testing. Knowledge screening takes the applicant through questions customized to your specific industry or needs. Applicants responses are scored and record. The physical testing is several typing exercises, each timed and captured. These exercises include audio and visual data the applicant is required to type.

For an overview of our knowledge & experience screening, review our pre-interview screening video on - click here

The administration area of CCS consists of several screens. These screens include applicant list, applicant information, summary screens and detailed result screens. Additionally we display result averages for timed testing as a comparison including average "words per minute" for the applicants typing skills.

If you are involved in the hiring process of call center employees CCS is a must see. Contact us for access to an on-line sample of our Call Center Employee Screening.



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