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Business & Marketing Tools

Improving your knowledge and awareness with our tools is powerful, effective and affordable. Learn how we can improve your customer satisfaction rating, market information, new product intro's / launches and promote your company.

  Here are just some of the tools we have developed.
> 360º Leadership Feedback Assessment > E-Learning Readiness Assessment
> Customer Surveys & Market Research > Sample Bonus Calculator
> New Product Introductions and Launches > Call Center Employee Screening
> Interactive Company Introduction and Overviews > KAT Knowledge Assessment Tools
360º Leadership Feedback Assessment

360º feedback is a series of questions used to gather data on the current leadership of your specific team, group or organization. 360° feedback collects and then summarizes data on your leadership behaviors from input of multiple sources - your direct reports, your peers, your supervisor, and even yourself. 360º feedback uncovers both positive and negative areas of your leadership. This is not a negative finger pointing exercise. It is a positive process that gives you a powerful analysis into opportunities to change and improve your leadership style.

An option module for personality evaluation utilizing the MBTI style of results can also be used to enhance the overall feedback.

360º Feedback assessments are designed specifically for your work environment. Contact us for additional information on how we can improve the leadership in your organization today. more    top

KAT Knowledge Assessment Tools
K.A.T. is used to determine an employee's knowledge level prior to training. These assessments determine who needs training and who already has the knowledge. This method eliminates the days of "train them all". You will reduce training expenses while improving your workforce. more    top
E-Learning Readiness Assessment

Every day companies spend millions of dollars towards building e-learning for their employees and customers. And every day hundreds of companies are disappointed in the results and acceptance of their e-learning program. These sub-standard results are not because e-learning does not work, they are because the company was not properly prepared to develop and implement a solid e-learning program.

We provide this assessment free of charge for a few reasons. First, to help you validate your company's readiness for e-learning, stimulate additional considerations before you continue to make investments or to have you discover areas where Educating-U can assist with your project. Contact us for additional information on how we can improve the leadership in your organization today. more   top

Customer Surveys & Market Research

Keeping score is critical for maintaining the highest level of training content and delivery. Knowing how your customers rate your products and services let's you make the right decision for your company. Before investing in product / service development, validate the market with current information. Our data gathering tools are used for CSI (customer service indexing), employee surveys and conducting market research. Results are viewable in a live digital dashboard for stats-at-a-glance. more   top

Sample Bonus Calculator
A sample of the type of tools we can build for your business. This calculator is a quick way for business owner to calculate a bonus for technicians that generate "booked" hours. more   top
New Product Introductions and Launches
Companies are always looking for innovative ways to introduce a new product or service. You can use this format to educate your sales force and customers in a way that just can't be done with a flyer or brochure. The interactive features are a great way to roll-out a new product or service. Your sales people or customers will get up to speed quickly. These presentations can be delivered over the Internet or by mini CD-ROM.    top
Call Center Employee Screening
If you are involved in the hiring of call center employees this is a must see. Assess applicants knowledge and physical typing skills prior to a face-to-face interview using this on-line tool. Reduce hiring costs while you improve the quality of potential candidates. more    top
Interactive Company Introduction and Overviews

An impressive way to promote your company. This type of presentation can be made to any length and can include all the eye-catching graphics needed to grab the potential customer. Media elements can include CD quality music, voice-over audio, video movies, text and animated graphics. Once developed they can be distributed on business card, mini 3”, or regular CD-ROM’s.

These programs can also be used as a screen saver on computers used during a trade show. This usage promotes your company during computer inactivity verses the standard screen savers. You can also use this format as “how-to” information on kiosks.    top

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