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E-Learning / Computer Based Training (CBT)
Computer Based Training (CBT) is available is two forms, one being delivered on a CD-ROM, the other delivered over the Internet. CBT is NOT taking an instructor led course or a video tape and putting it on the Internet or CD-ROM. It's taking knowledge objects and presenting them in an understandable method so the viewer does not need to interact with an instructor at the current time.
Is your company ready for e-learning? Review our e-learning company readiness assessment.

E-Learning is one of the fastest growing technologies of education today. It's just a matter of time before every training organization utilizes some form of e-learning/computer-based training.

During these tough economic times corporations are starting to see the vision of what e-learning offers. While CBT has been around for years, it's today's technology that makes it affordable and effective. Even smaller companies can afford to educate using our various methods of delivery.
You can't afford not to educate. Let us show you our creative options.


  • training is available when it's convenient
    to a student 24 / 7
  • eliminates travel expenses to attend a
    training course
  • student has less time away from job
  • student paces the course
  • modular format, full day courses can be
    broken down into 20 - 40 minute sessions
  • modular format lets you create customized
    career paths for employees by mixing and
    matching different modules from different
  • instant knowledge feedback
  • consistency of material delivered to
  • educate more students without increasing
  • can be used to standardize employee
  • can convert any existing company course
    to CBT format
  • affordable - can improve ROI over existing
    instructor led training
  • improved knowledge tracking of students
  • a powerful tool for your Human Resource


  • change in most companies current
    education models
  • perceived start-up costs (actually
    better ROI than most instructor led
  • your current training staff will become
  • requires a commitment and long term
    vision from management
  • accessible only to employees / customers
    that have computers
  • lack of understanding on methods of
    utilizing this technology
    (call us, we're Educating-U)

Review our pre-training assessment and post training evaluation methods to complete the education process.

Don't be left behind by your competition. Contact us today to learn more about how E-learning / CBT can benefit your company.


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