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E-Learning / Computer Based Tools
Improving education with our tools is powerful, effective and affordable. Learn how we can improve your employees / customers education as we improve your training R.O.I.

Company e-Learning Readiness Assessment

Is your company ready for e-learning? Complete our on-line assessment to validate your current company position.
K.A.T. Knowledge Assessment Tools
K.A.T. is used to determine an employee's knowledge level prior to training. These assessments determine who needs training and who already has the knowledge. This method eliminates the days of "train them all". You will reduce training expenses while improving your workforce.

Training Evaluations, Customer Surveys & Market Research

Keeping score is critical for maintaining the highest level of training content and delivery. Knowing how your customers rate your products and services let's you make the right decision for your company. Before investing in product / service development, validate the market with current information. Our data gathering tools are used for CSI (customer service indexing), employee surveys and conducting market research. Results are viewable in a live digital dashboard for stats-at-a-glance.
  • Click here for a Training Evaluation
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  • Re-certification or refresher classes
    Over time an employee that has successfully completed an instructor led course may need a refresher or an update. This format is the perfect fit. It reduces the cost of employees having to travel, the cost of conducting an instructor led session and is available 24 / 7. K.A.T. can also be used for re-certification testing.

    Prerequisite learning

    Using this format can significantly increase the effectiveness of instructor led training. Information to standardize incoming students knowledge level can be distributed prior to them attending. A test or quiz can be included to confirm their knowledge level. Students can have the option of “testing out” if they feel they already have the required knowledge level for course entry.

    With this standard knowledge level the instructor can focus on teaching new information instead of wasting time getting students up-to-speed.

    Quite often full day classes can be reduced to a half-day class. This can allow the instructor to teach two classes or twice the number of students in the same time. It also reduces the amount of time an employee is away from their job.
    Instructor Led Resource
    This format is an excellent method for use in conjunction with ongoing or multiple session instructor led training. Students can access previous lesson information as a review or upcoming lessons to prepare for future classes. The class information with the quizzes can help a student make sure they do not get too far behind. Additionally the information can be reviewed long after a student has completed the course. They can even re-test themselves on knowledge learned during the class.
    Standardizing New Employee Orientation
    This method assures consistency of employee orientation. Everything from how to fill out forms to a review of your employee handbook can be covered and signed off by the new hire.
    We will assess your current process, learn your desired goals, evaluate potential options and recommend the best practiced solutions. Contact us to schedule a free assessment.
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