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Instructor Led Courses

Our experience in creating educational courses started back in 1986. Since then our courses have been presented around the world. Our experience ranges from small start-ups to Fortune 200 companies.

We offer companies two options for instructor led courses. Option one: we develop a course for your staff to teach. Option two: one of our instructors will conduct the course for your company. Our goal is to understand your company's needs and determine the best method of education delivery.

Review our pre-training assessment and post training evaluation methods to complete the education process.

A growing method of instructor led training is to utilize CBT as an instructor's resource. This method allows instructors to maximize classroom time. CBT is used to review / reinforce training lesson materials.

Below are the PROS and CONS of instructor led training.


  • Traditional method - similar to
  • Interact with instructor
  • Interact with other students
  • Seminar fee can be a minimal
  • Positive self esteem for student
    (they feel the company cares)
  • Our course development is the
    fastest method of adding a new
    course for your instructors to


  • Participation is not always required
  • Course pace (too fast or slow)
  • Little to no student feedback of
    knowledge retention
  • Seminars can be too general, not
    business specific
  • Travel expenses could be more
    than the fee to attend
  • Time away from job
  • Seminars often lack knowledge
    retention testing
  • Tracking attendance can be
    difficult for HR
We can assist you in determining if an instructor led course is right for your company. Based on your specific goals we can show you the most effective method of delivery. Contact us today.


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