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Education Methods
Education is only effective if it's available and affordable. We build courses that can be delivered by any one of our four different delivery models designed to meet your needs and your budget. Many small companies think they cannot afford to educate their employees. We make education affordable for all companies. Review our education steps to understand how we approach learning. Contact us for a free evaluation and recommendation of your education needs.

Delivery Models

    • This is the traditional method of education delivery. Delivery can be by one of our instructors or by your teaching staff. We can also provide "Training the Trainer" for any course we have or build.
    • This method maximizes the time an instructor is with the students. There are various ways to use this model.
      • Using CBT as a prerequisite allows the student to "test out" if they have the required knowledge prior to attending the instructor led portion.
      • K.A.T. (Knowledge Assessment Tools) click here for details.
      • Using CBT as a student resource for instructor led courses that are conducted over a period of time.
      • Students attend an instructor led course and CBT is used as an update or as a follow-up test to verify knowledge retention.
  • CBT on CD-ROM
    • This model is similar to a library. Courses are built in modules and students check them out just like a library book. Companies can determine which modules are required for employee positions and promotions. This is a very effective method of creating a career path for employees.
  • CBT over the Internet
    • This model makes education available 24 / 7. There are many ways to use this model. From a single course hosted outside your company to a full online university. Courses can also be connected to Learning Management Systems (LMS) to automatically track student activity and results. This is the most sophisticated method and requires the most maintenance. Due to costs it is recommended for larger companies. Small companies can utilize our affordable K.A.T. (Knowledge Assessment Tools) for tracking. Click here for K.A.T. details.

We can build a system to maximize your education ROI and fit your budget. Click here to submit a request for additional information.

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