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Steps For Successful Education
While many companies spend huge sums of money to educate employees, they fail to complete some important steps. The first step is student assessment prior to attending a course. The assessment is used to place the student in a course that is right for them.

An example of assessments is shown in this demo designed for Salespeople to assess their Objection Handling skills. Try it, then call us for details on building tools like this for you.
K.A.T demo  
Another step often missed is evaluation. These evaluations are used to track employee knowledge retention and to determine future educational needs to achieve company goals. The evaluation format is also used by instructors to determine their performance and areas where improvement is needed.
Evaluation demo  

Our education system is completely modular and can be customized. Programs can range from employee assessment to a continuously expanding university. Delivery can be over the Internet or on CD-ROM.

Employee assessment, education and evaluation is affordable. It all begins with a simple phone call or click here to request additional information.



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