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Reduce Out-Placement Costs
Employment Transition Assessment - ETA

ETA is the latest version of our award winning system to reduce the high cost of out-placement and help exiting employees enter career transition.

Out-placed employees (members) complete a 30 question assessment to determine areas of strengths and those needing improvement. Seven different areas of transition are recorded and analyzed. Results are personalized and action steps are displayed in each of the seven categories.

Category help includes suggestions for improving identified areas of weakness. Help screens include "keys", that are important to improve each step. These "keys" can be additional resources, exercises or worksheets.

ETA contains numerous worksheets to walk members through each phase of transition. Worksheet results/summaries allow the member to print or create a "WORD.DOC" for future use.

This turnkey system has multiple levels of access. Your administration controls all other levels of access. Hosted off-site, implementation is quick and seamless to your existing IT systems.

As an optional add-in an MBTI style of personality assessment can be included to benefit the member in determining the right type of career or industry.

ETA can provide multi-level access allowing members to be assigned to counselors or HR staff. Demographic information can be recorded to validate services and apply for grants and funding of your organization.

For additional details on how this system can be customized by your organization - Contact us.

Sample Assessment Results Screen
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Sample Result Help Screen
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  Target client:
  • Companies going through re-organization (out-placement cost reduction)
  • Networking organizations
  • College Career Services
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • State/County Workforce Development
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