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Web development is more than just creating a web page - What about Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization)?
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There are many people that know the basics in creating a web page to publish on the Internet. They believe if they put enough of these pages together they have created a web site --- WRONG ! This collection of pages usually becomes frustrating for a company because of poor search engine rankings and low traffic.

Most businesses have a web site to market to customers and increase their exposure online. This is done with SEO, search engine optimization. SEO is the "organic" method of getting traffic to your web site.

Just because you built it doesn't mean they will come.

As a true web site developer we understand how important your web site is to your business. That's why we start, during development, to include those things that increase your search engine rankings. Our experience bridges the gap between Marketing and web programmer. We can make sure your site is built as a Marketing tool.

Check for yourself

A few examples of how successful we are with our site -
Our ranking*
Total number of results
method of education
top 10
120,000,000 +
sample knowledge base
top 5
7,000,000 +
knowledge assessments
top 5
15,000,000 +
leadership feedback
top 5
35,000,000 +
sample evalution tools
top 5
4,400,000 +
call center screening
top 5
3,500,000 +
*search performed using Google™ during the month of December 2010

More than just creating a web page

Let our knowledge improve your most powerful Marketing tool. Contact us today


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