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Recipient of the 2005 NACE/Chevron Award for Outstanding Achievement - more
We are dedicated to improving your company or not-for-profit organization utilizing our experience, tools and systems. Our focus is providing technology and education to improve the information you need to base and validate your daily business decisions.

Web Site Development & Improvement

Many of the tools we develop are web based. We provide project management, design/graphics, develop and programming. Our experience reduces production time and eliminates the "..this should have been done earlier.." issues that drive costs over budget and missed deadlines. We can also provide the "behind the screen" programming to increase your sites search engine rankings. No site is too small. more
  >Web Site Programming
Our Latest Business Tools
We continually design and develop tools for enhancing your business and training programs. We can provide your organization with surveys, assessments, market research, custom knowledge base and specialized online business tools. Our in-house programming makes it affordable for every business budget. If you need to provide information on your products, a specific topic or a troubleshooting guide, having a Knowledge Base could be just what you need. Contact us for details.


>Call Center Employee Screening

>Knowledge Assessment Tools (K.A.T.)

>360º Leadership Feedback Assessment   >Company E-learning Readiness Assessment
>Product / Topic Knowledge Base >Reduce Out-Placement Costs

Outsource Your Marketing Project

If you have a Marketing project and could use an "extra employee", contact us. We can manage/assist your project. Including online Market Research, customer surveys, product launch/introductions CD-ROM's, online product FAB's and assessments. more
Education Steps
We will improve your training ROI and effectiveness as you reduce training expenses. While most companies train their employees many fail to evaluate for effectiveness and knowledge retention. Let us show you our tools for increased success.
  >Education Steps
>Online Training Evaluation Surveys
Education Methods
See which method best fits your needs. Our customized methods will reduce your training expenses while improving effectiveness. Training is affordable for every company. Review our four basic delivery models.


>Instructor Led


>Instructor Led with CBT >CBT over the Internet

We will assess your current process, learn your desired goals, evaluate potential options and recommend the best practiced solutions. Contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Let us show you the future of how business will be conducted !

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