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Improvement through technology, analytics and education

Workforce Analysis

Collecting the data is just the beginning. It's what we do with the data that will set your business apart from your competitors. The management, team building section, is a separate area with access designed specifically for the owner or manager(s) that have been authorized.

We have developed these "smart pages" where our algorithms display result for both individuals and the overall team.

This is an assessment, not a quiz or test, so there are no wrong answers. The questions are worded so they are easy to respond to in a nonthreatening way. Should you suspect that someone has not completed the assessment honestly, no problem, they can re-take it and the results will be overwritten and included in the updated team summary information.


The Team - Using The Results

What you do with the output information is important. Having people just take the assessment and then doing nothing with the results could have a negative impact on morale.

If you are not committed to using the results, don't have your employees start the process.

We can provide you with the "what's in it for me", so your employees will fully understand why your business is doing this and what they and other team members will get out of it as well.

While your individual employees will learn more about themselves, as the owner/manager, you will see your own results to better understand your communication style compared to the style of your employees. This is critical for building a strong team. Our algorithms will also calculate the diversity of your team as well.

Let us show you the future of business improvement!

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