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Improvement through technology, analytics and education

Assessment / Evaluations

This is the foundation for building a better, stronger, more efficient/productive workforce. Everyone completes a quick, simple assessment and using our online system it takes less than ten minutes to complete.

Our system analyzes and calculates the results automatically to provide insight into their personality and how they approach their life, communicate and how they make decisions.

This assessment will help employees not only in the workplace, but also in other relationships they have outside of it.


Employees and Assessment- What's In It For Me?

Employees always want to know - "What's in it for me?". They can learn more about them self and uncover things they may have thought about, just never understood the "why" before. You will also be providing them with access to resources that explain their personal results. They will be creating a "better me".

They can also improve their work relations with others by learning about their individual communication style, how to better communicate with others and why some co-workers may not see things the same way they do.

Using Assessment / Evaluations

The assessment is designed to evaluate existing teams and provide a baseline for identifying people strengths and potential communication issues between employees. It's a fast, simple method to truly learn what makes your employees "tick".

How valuable would it be to have some insight into how a new, potential employee will interact with existing employees before you put them on the payroll? Providing your employees access to this resource demonstrates to them the businesses committment to making them successful and feel part of the team.

Assessment vs. an Interview - Future Hiring

Some people might think, "I conduct an in-depth interview before I hire someone", and while that may be true, some people are very good at telling you exactly what they think you want to hear during the interview process. However, once they are part of your business you may find out they are not the same person you interviewed.

Additionally, an interview doesn't let you learn how they will interact with other employees until you have hired them and then discover conflicts, which creates workplace stress, morale issues, hurts productivity and even the quality of everyone's work.

Using this as part of your new hiring process will give you insight about the person you are considering adding to your team. In less than ten minutes of their time, you'll learn information about how they will fit in with your team.

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