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Developing Leadership - manager vs leader

Leadership is more than just being a manager. Many people believe a management position automatically puts them in a leadership position because they were hired or promoted to the position. We hate to burst their bubble, but they would be wrong. While in the past it may be true that most managers were good workers and they were promoted for that reason. In the evolving workforce, today's leadership roles are not just someone in a managers role, they are someone others seek out for directions, decisions and motivation.

In many businesses today the "leadership role" may not even be known to the business owner or upper management. You may ask, how can this be? Consider the following.

Many managers just enforce existing policies, procedures and try to keep people motivated. But today’s employees have grown tired of the "Hang In There" and "Teamwork" posters businesses use to boost morale. Most employees see this as very transparent and even somewhat demeaning to them.

What's so different about a leader? Leadership provides direction, a vision of the future, communicates well with all and has people that want to follow them, regardless of their official position or title. Leadership inspires people naturally because a leader knows that each individual must be communicated with using a way specific to that individual style.

Not all people hear your message the same way, so your message must be in a way that has meaning to them. True leadership builds trust and this trust creates followers, which is what separates a leader from a manager - true leaders have followers because they want to follow, not because they have to.

Backed by our experience and knowledge we provide the tools to help you understand each member so you can coach them to improve.

Leadership - Using Results to Become a Stronger Leader

Once you and your employees have completed the assessment, you'll have the results automatically calculated and available for review. It's important you act on the results because having people take the assessment and doing nothing will have a negative impact on morale. So, if you are not going to committed to using the results, please don't have your employees start the process. You will only do more damage than good.

The #1 reason why people don't use the results is: They don't know how or what they should do.

Our Knowledge Base has information and guidance on what the results mean. We can provide you with the "what's in it for me", so you can explain why your business is taking this action and what the employees will get in return.

Let us show you the future of business improvement!

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