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Teambuilding within a business is often overlooked and sometimes taken for granted. Afterall, you typically hire one individual at a time yet you expect them to be productive when added to a group of people they know nothing about.

These "teams" end up with the mindset of "What's in it for me", creating a group of "independent workers", each in it for themselves. The frustration can grow and employees may end up not get along with other employees because as we've all heard - "they just don't see things the same way I do".

Not all people hear your message the same way and not all team member hear it the same either. Without understanding how to communicate with each other, cliques develop which ends up causing the " Me First" mentality.

Team Building
Our assessment and system helps everyone better understand themselves and each other.

The Future Workforce

For the past 30+ years we've all heard about the Millennials and issues businesses have in hiring. Get ready, the next generation entering the workforce are Gen Z's, early Gen Z's are now turning 25.

Millennials Work Traits Gen Z Work Traits
  • Values real motivation
  • Many have student loan debt
  • High importance on relationships with superiors
  • Grew up as technology also grew
  • Open and adaptive to change
  • High value on contributing
  • Passion for learning
  • Entering workforce earlier (right out of high school)
  • Likely to change jobs every few years
  • Use technology to learn (YouTube)
  • Entrepreneurial focus
  • Low company loyalty
  • Low interest in traditional life milestones (getting married, buying a house, etc.)

Gen Z's will be changing jobs more frequently, having low company loyalty and like using technology to learn and increase their level of knowledge (like using our system). They will place lower value on life events like buying a house or marriage, this will allow them to not have the worry of house payments allowing them to change jobs more often.

If you thought hiring a good, long-term employee was hard in the past, it's only going to get harder.

Let us show you the future of business improvement!

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