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Improvement through technology, analytics and education

Assessment with targeted resources

Our team personality assessment identifies information specific to the individual and provides short, to the point information on that topic. They will see and understand not only themselves better, but they will better understand other team members and how different communication style are needed for the overall success of the team.

This method greatly reduces the amount of time an employee spends away from being productive as it provides concentrated information. This employee focused resource eliminates the typical "mental dropout", that loss of attention that most online training suffers from.



Training is effective only if people use it and our over 30 years of experience shows that not all people learn using the same methods. That's why we can make it available based on your company's needs and people. Our expertise in training started with classroom-based education. Creating classes and seminars designed for an instructor to present to the attendees.

Back in the late '90's we realized that using the internet to deliver training would be the future and we began doing exploratory work to learn for ourselves how to develop and deliver educational material. Technology has help bring dramatic, flexible changes to teaching methods.

Not every employee learns the same way, some would rather take online modules while others learn best from being in a classroom and being able to interact with the instructor and other attendees. Having choices can make a difference.

Instructor led

We should all be familiar with instructor led training, but it can be presented a few different ways. One being face-to-face, which due to the current health concerns may not be the best. There is also instructor led online, details below, which addresses the health concerns but may not be the best since some topics may be lengthy and need to be split up to address the attendee's attention span.

Instructor led with online

Having an instructor present online does help address the current health concerns but does have its limits and downside. The limiting factor is keeping attendee's interest, so to avoid "losing them" during a session, the training is broken up into smaller modules, typically an hour or less.

The downside can be that some people need/prefer to interact with the instructor and not all training online allows this to happen, so some people never get to ask the questions they have.


Total online training has pro's and cons. Some of the pro's include, it can be available 24/7 making training very flexible to meet most schedules. Online modules are not lengthy, < 20 minutes, so the likely hood of losing an attendee's attention is reduced. Attendees can also complete several modules at a single sitting.

Some cons include, no instructor interaction. Attendees may "drop-out" if something isn't understood and there is no instructor to ask live. Questions can be addressed through emails, but often those questions are never asked. Topics are broken into smaller modules which may make a topic seem longer since it may have numerous modules.

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