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2005 NACE/Chevron Award for Outstanding Achievement for Innovative Programs

Educating-U in collaboration with the Career Services Center at the College of DuPage are the recipients of the 2005 NACE/Chevron Texaco Award for its creation of “The Career Transition Assessment (CTA)”. CTA is an online assessment software program designed to assist students, alumni, and community members in the job-search process.

Presented since 1983, the NACE/Chevron Texaco Award recognizes and honors a college member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) for its development of a groundbreaking program in the career services field.

This is the highest recognition an individual can receive in the career services field. This was a first time honor for Educating-U that created the concept and developed the programming of Career Transition Assessment (CTA). College of DuPage became only the second community college to have an individual receive this award and the first in ten years.

Institutions that have have also won this award include Purdue, University of Michigan and Cal-Berkeley.

Craig Seelinger, President of Educating-U says, "As a regular speaker at the DEN (DuPage Executive Network), I saw that attendees all had the same destination, a job. However they were all at different stages of their journey. I knew that if we could develop something that would be helpful to everyone in career transition we'd have a winner. So we developed a proof-of-concept model and then approached College of DuPage. Almost a year of programming later we had Career Transition Assessment."

“The Career Transition Assessment (CTA) serves as an important ‘first step’ for those in career transition to identify and prioritize required actions for successful employment,” says Nancy Wajler, Manager at the Glen Ellyn, Illinois school’s Career Services Center.

“The system administration provides simple on-line registration and the "real-time" statistical data that is captured provides College of DuPage information for making financial and resource allocations.” Seelinger stated. “This system provides our career counselors with knowledge and better understanding of their clients allowing for more productive, action-oriented meetings,” Wajler says.

Students, alumni, and community members who use the Career Transition Assessment (CTA) system answer questions that identify their strengths and areas that need improvement. Results direct them to appropriate resources at the College of DuPage, in DuPage County, and on the Internet.

The Career Services Center at the College of DuPage and Educating-U were honored during the NACE National Meeting, which was held May 17-20, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

About NACE: Since 1956, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has been the leading source of information about the employment of college graduates.

Recipient of the 2005 NACE/Chevron Award for Outstanding Achievement for Innovative Programs

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